PhD Student


Kevin Finagnon Toyi FASSINOU is from Benin and was born on the June 03th 1993. He got his Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Processing of agricultural products in 2014 at Agricultural University of Ketou (Benin). Recently, he attended a training Programme on microbiology and chemical analysis at the Laboratory of Food Sciences (LSA/FSA-UAC). Moreover, he worked as junior research assistant in BARINGA project which aimed at formulating infant foods fortified with moringa leaf powder and baobab fruit pulp in Benin. He is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Master of Science training at the Faculty of Agronomic Science (speciality Food Science and Nutrition). Kevin is highly interested by the promotion of local food, and the use of local resources to improve nutritional status of under five years’ children and of women in reproductive age.

Research project

Title of research work: Supplementary foods formulation using the most organs of African bush mango (Irvingia gabonensis) and baobab (Adansonia digitata) for under five years old children in Benin

This study aims at promoting baobab fruit pulp through under five years old children feeding. Especially it aims at:

  • Assessing nutritional value of baobab fruit pulp and it derived products
  • Formulating food supplement to improve under five years old children nutritional status using the baobab fruit pulp in Sudanian zone.